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loafer. breaking news to start this hour a new display of tension between turkey and damascus to guide fighter jets intercept a syrian passenger plane on route from moscow these are the latest pictures from. port in ankara we got more in just a few moments but the headlines tonight in washington meantime sending troops to jordan to protect its border with syria that's a move seen by many as an escalation of america's involvement in the conflict we've got comment coming up plus a member of a punk band pussy riot is freed on probation but an appeal hearing keeps the other two behind bars over their publicist the stunted rushes made all the dots good
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thing drop and ongoing a stellar team fuels more separatism calls in europe has the referendum on scotland's independence from britain is all but come for. well over a good evening for me kevin owen it's eleven pm now here in moscow you're watching r.t. and as i just mentioned breaking news to start this hour details are just come out of the last half hour or so turkish fighter jets have earlier on this evening forced a syrian passenger plane from moscow to land in ankara on suspicion of carrying weapons no turkish state t.v. says the airbus a three twenty belonging to syrian air the state flag carrier was intercepted as it crossed into turkish airspace the turkish foreign minister says the country's intelligence has information that there's quote normal civilian cargo
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on board the plane these are the latest pictures just through now border control services a no searching the jet we hear as well as the luggage of its thirty five passengers that were on board we'll get our correspondent to comment more on this very shortly and bring it. up to speed on what other information comes through but this is the latest we know tonight more shortly meantime the u.s. defense secretary has confirmed the washington sent troops to the jordan syria border in what is seen as america's growing involvement in the conflict leon panetta says the task team there is to enhance jordan's capabilities in case of violence spills over from syria r.t. is going to cheat you can has more from washington. according to defense secretary leon panetta they sent the troops to jordan syrian border in case violence escalates in syria and spills over the border leon panetta did not go into details as to how many troops and so on but another u.s. defense official speaking on condition of anonymity said the forces are made up of
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one hundred military personnel and other personnel who stayed on in jordan after attending an annual exercise in may and several dozen more have flown in since they're operating from the joint u.s. jordanian military center north of that americans have used for years and the news about u.s. military personnel so close to syria that is boots on the ground of course is just an escalation in the u.s. military involvement in the conflict even as washington pushes back on any suggestion of a direct intervention in syria but jordan is not the only place where the u.s. has military presence if we look at syria and the u.s. military presence in the region we see that syria is pretty much surrounded militarily at this latest development with u.s. troops in jordan comes with the u.s. election presidential election less than a month away at a time when mitt romney his challenger is criticizing the president for not being
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aggressive enough for quote unquote sitting on the sidelines for missing the opportunity to talk and quote deliver that defeat to iran yes he actually said that so it's not clear whether this latest announcement about jordan is the administration's way of showing teeth in these in this election campaign or whether an intervention in syria is really coming soon one of the reasons why the rebels refused to settle for a negotiated solution through dialogue is the signal that they get that sense that support is on the way that there will be an intervention but everybody understands without a negotiating some of those shaded solution the bloodshed will continue so the signals that the. abel's are getting including the news about u.s. troops standing by across the border could be making it much harder to come to that negotiated solution as you can a correspondent in washington d.c. there we stand the next two to. these
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a senior fellow and director at the center on pace thanks for being with us good to see you tonight what do you think prompted america's decision to deploy forces to jordan is there a real danger of the conflict breaching the borders the more to it you think. well i think there is some danger if we look at what happened in turkey you know a stray artillery shells can go over but that really doesn't threaten turkey's security and it probably wouldn't threaten jordan security but i think this is this is part of the actor or i think mitt romney as your report indicated has been criticizing obama for not being not aiding the syrian rebels enough and there is talk about that all of this force maybe helping with a. no fly zone in that part of the country near the jordanian border but then of course the turks would want one as well so but of course that that's not they haven't decided to do that but there is talk there encouraging talk of that i think
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so you know that that plays into the election as well so i think part of this is a lack draw and part of it is because of the stray shells going into turkey it is the election rhetoric but the time to change then after november if so in which direction. well i think after the election is over it of course has been scared of the risk you don't want to necessarily unless you're way behind in an election in the u.s. you don't want to start a war you want to minimize the risks but obama is still in a good position for the election i don't think he wants to risk that now afterwards who knows what would happen and he may be less resistant to. to going in simply because he's already been reelected on the other hand he may not feel that he has to be toughened up to to meet romney's criticisms so it could go either way it depends on it. his inclination after the election but i
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think at any rate he has he's but he has much more flexibility after the election than before with this posting of troops on the border. the most actually going on within syria itself and the internal fighting there. well i don't think too much they're there under the mask of helping refugees but they're also on guard for any use of chemical weapons and also you know if things get really bad in syria and the chemical weapons are not secure perhaps they would do a raid or something big to safeguard those so they're there for other purposes i think. sten simply there to help the refugees but i think it's there's a real problem with any of this situation is both turkey and jordan is that there's a slippery slope there's a camel's nose under the tent right now the u.s. is saying well you know we're just giving logistics to the rebels and also medical supplies and non-lethal communications equipment even that of course helps the
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rebels but i think you know once you get and if the rebels don't win then of course people say well what are you going to do next when you go up to the ask lation chain of sanctions and then aiding the rebels and then giving weapons to the rebels and then where does it stop going in with nato troops or u.s. troops so that none of this has happened yet except for the medical and. communications a but i think there's potential for ask in there after the election . we'll be covering it closely thanks for your thoughts not of anyone senior fellow and director of the central place live from washington. take a look at some of the big stories now of the day and the appeals courts freed one of the jailed members of the tourist pussy riot punk but upheld the two year sentence the other two the three were convicted in august of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred for performing
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a song packed with obscenity that russia's main orthodox cathedral. has got the details from outside the court today. what are the bands members you could see in the summit say that she walked free from city court here she was released on probation throughout the trial and throughout the appeal the women have maintained that they didn't mean to offend anybody and that there was a protest it was a political protest against groups and however during the trial the court found no political motive to the stunt that took place back in february in christ the savior procedural in moscow they said it was in fact. motivated by religious hatred now today speculation has been mounting over a growing rift among the percy riot clan because we saw this one band members switch defense teams so here's my report on the story. a media frenzy one that breaks out any pussy riot court hearing the same old faces as supporters and
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critics gathered for the herring after emerging from her successful appeal everyone wanted a piece of the one band member released on probation but somewhat savage remained tight lipped even when you lawyers to do the talking. about the story i am very happy that i managed to help a person but i just did my job. last week so now freed band member fired her original legal team her new defense change strategy arguing in court that their client didn't take part in the now notorious punk prayer in maine orthodox cathedral she was in fact chewed out by gods before she got the chance to join her bandmates in the so-called protest start that argument was accepted by the court some trial observers believe that the strategy of the original pussy riot defense team wasn't to reduce the women sentences but rather to expose flaws in russia's
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judicial system for all the world to see by switching to lawyers that focus. on her personal case summit say that she walked out of court free today while her fellow band members went back to jail some would say rich i think she decided to get some real lawyers the won't be fighting in order to humiliate russia in the face of the worst but to actually free her one major russian concert organizers says they've been flooded with calls from foreign promoters offering to organize a pussy riot world tour that could earn up to six hundred million euros western and russian celebrities have called for the women's release amnesty international considers them prisoners of conscience free pussy riot t. shirts are all the rage it was quite normal that's the way you attract attention they always look that famous pop stars around the world look at the way but i was dressed look at that they'll look at all the others. we can do as well as that or
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we can do something different and they hated the idea of going to the cathedral and seeing their blasphemous songs because that. would in fact be something reduce with the media circus in full swing and the concert requests pouring in brand percy riot isn't set to go away anytime soon paulie boyko r t moscow. investigative journalist tony godling says the resulting popularity and vandalism in the wake of the band's trial raises a big question over who's really benefited from the sentence. let's not forget what's else is going on around the world around this case because you have got loads of problems at the in a way you know part of the punishment is to stop these people cashing in on the free published this published there's been two prizes awarded to these people one from the lennon oh no fun which is a prize for peace which i find incredible since this has been such
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a divisive case the other is the luther prize which has been awarded by the city of wittenberg which is where protestantism started and what's happened is the city has awarded the prize for the people of the city and they are protesting against that saying you know we don't actually endorse this sacrilege i think there's something really a bit sad about a band an organization that defines itself by the opposition to the church and it's quite clear through this court case that that's what this is about we've even had the disintegration of all three dogs crosses across eastern europe in different parts of eastern europe in support of pussy riot so this is actually about i think an attack on the cathedral an attack on the church but we're watching the pussy riot case closely all the details aligned with our dog com our web site coming up later in the program here two more belt tightening for beleaguered britain as a prime minister david cameron tells his party to keep up the cuts despite public rage across europe plus. the russian markets ended wednesday's session
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on a negative note despite the oil prices coming back up to ninety two dollars per barrel more on this and other stories up for a short break here on alt. was . i was. in the glow of rushes no sound wave from civilization or any three hour helicopter train from the nearest village. so they stole one family have been living here for a long time in tents made of reindeer skins. look.
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lodging runs in a signal and then it's they also grew up in the two but left it at the age of six and never returned they now live in the city in apartment building but still room and they are regions. was planted here as a dyson teacher. was. still his den says he tells the stories about his motherland. laws in europe to now has a one thousand strong reindeer had when the enemy only saw the lichen and moss around it is gather the tens and move to another pasha they travel hundreds of
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kilometers in winter and then children for them. the two families have less of a chance to come across each other they belong to different worlds even though there's sometimes a similar. wealthy british style but it's a spot on. the. market why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy because a report on r.t. . will mean for the. science technology innovation. all the developments around russia we've got the future
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covered. hello again this is r.t. live from moscow with me kevin our now breaking news who we're talking about this hour turkish fighter jets have earlier on this evening forced down a passenger plane on route from moscow to damascus they forced it to land safely in ankara artie's paid all of his across what's happening here pretty details have
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been coming through in the last of three quarter of an hour or so this is believed happened earlier on the c. evening here yes so this is a story that's developing literally by the minute what we do know is the turkish foreign ministry is confirming that f. sixteen fighter jets forced a syrian air airbus a three twenty to land in ankara now that was because that was that was a plane that was on route from moscow to damascus we believe that the airport left in moscow with the airport right in the center of the city the syrian foreign ministry saying that the reason that the turkish foreign ministry saying that the reason that this plane was forced to land was because turkish intelligence officers had information that suggested that there was weapons on this plane on route to damascus now the plane is currently on the ground safely in ankara where border guards are currently looking through the plane searching the plane and the luggage of the thirty five passengers the statement from the turkish foreign ministry went on to say that. his country would not allow weapons to enter syria through turkish
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airspace. this comes after a summer whereby as you mentioned this plane was on route from moscow to damascus it comes after a summer whereby there was hysteria in us media and elsewhere around the world with claims made that russia was supplying arms to damascus now these claims were dismissed out of hand by the russians they said they had proof they weren't and said they wouldn't be supplying any arms to syria that they remain committed to a diplomatic solution but of course this all comes in amongst escalating tensions between turkey and syria has been exchanges of artillery fire over that border there. and it's this is a situation that does have the potential to boil over and involve a and it end up with a much larger much wider scale conflict and off the back of those tensions on the border we've also heard that russian president vladimir putin should be set to
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perspire on a proposed visit to turkey that was set for come it was said to respond that we're hearing well all of this as i say very much developing what we do know is that a passenger jet on route from moscow to damascus has been brought down safely to being forced to land by turkish fighter jets over turkish air base that plane now on the ground in ankara and has been searched by turkish border guards who are teachers as human speaking believe it's an airbus a three twenty three twenty thirty five passengers on board the plane we believe it's now in the. poor cable we'll let you get across all of the story and if we can get that super job thank you. look at some other news tonight as if british prime minister david cameron didn't have enough to do tackling recession and spending cuts to watch his back london mayor boris johnson capturing the public even his party's minds even overshadowing that his beleaguered leader of the conservative conference is laura
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smith reports from burka. he's still got this great blond hair which he referred to that david cameron has made a joke of he said if he was a mop then david cameron was the broom sweeping out the economy and some have said in fact that cameron was very generous to agree to the closing speech of boris's annual conference and of course one of the things that people are looking for now from david cameron is this star quality dave is not his speech couldn't have really been in sharp contrast to boris is he still says that cuts are at the heart of his growth policy which is cutting the deficit what a hold working people who travel long distances to get into work to pay their taxes meant to think when they see families individual families getting forty fifty sixty thousand pounds of housing benefit to live in homes with these hard working people could never afford them so it is an outrage and we are ending it by capping housing
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benefit he defended the economic strategy but of course we all know the arguments and what's really lacking is any really real evidence that it's actually working that he didn't say the word austerity once and that's something i've seen was hanging around on the fringes of this conference over the last couple of days conservatives don't like the word austerity anymore they use these euphemisms they say tough decisions they say reducing the deficit they say reducing the government share of spending it's not fashionable to say the word austerity very uncomfortable with it so it's strategy not hugely coherent which is very important if cameron wants to gain this reputation is had in the past for huge compton's something he didn't mention which i have to say i wasn't really expecting was scotland of course we had recently that the stalemate in britain between london and edinburgh on edinburgh holding a referendum on its participation in the u.k. david cameron will meet with premier alex salmond on monday to hash out the details but what we're hearing is that there will be
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a referendum held in autumn two thousand and fourteen a simple yes no question as to whether scotland will remain part of the u.k. and of course the major thing that david cameron does not want is to be the man who's in charge over the breakup of the u.k. . a correspondent a smith there in birmingham spoke to jeremy purvis who's group campaigns for more powers for the scottish parliament he told me the u.k.'s influence on the world stage will be damaged if scotland leaves. where stoll having the consequences of the banking crisis in the u.k. and the consequences for scotland which actually has two of the banks headquartered in their member r.b.s. and each course they require a huge bailout to cover for those before the rhythm going last and we don't have the consequences of that scotland being a very small country i don't think would be able to stand alone as an entity without the level of support that the u.k. can bring to it but i think that scotland together with england and wales and with
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northern ireland have been a remarkably strong and successful union if that is broken apart there not only scotland would be weaker on the global stage but also the rest of the u.k. we are stronger together and i think that as far as our presence in the world we are stronger together and i don't think that most people in scotland wish to see that broken apart this is our teeth thanks for being with us tonight peter viles crosstalk on the way out from a bit of business news next. below and welcome to the market wrap on r t now on wednesday the russian markets had a negative session that's despite prices coming back up to a relatively high level around ninety two dollars a barrel. give or take and this is on the back of gloom coming both from the e.u. where uncertainty so remains about spain and greece and from the united states where there were downgrades of earnings forecasts before industry giants like alco
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and chevron looking at interesting stocks gas problems worse than the market as investors fear dividends could be cut if gazprom continues on such massive investment projects like the world's three retail chain magnets was also down despite reporting a very optimistic first nine months of profit and also m.t.s. was better than the market the mobile phone provider was on the the back. it's a competitor this i.p.o. megaphone apparently not going as smoothly as they play. and the business team will be back tomorrow on thursday twenty am moscow time we will be looking at why capital from russia for costs for it are growing by the.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images croque world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. well. california just offers an air show and an museum was about to you. but the residents never profit from the performances you know she of coming on a signature trip there when you look up and there's one check in on you he's an alpha beta gamma he was always the fine now trying to treat his leg out with out there know that they can pinpoint. the dirt right now. those shells become income
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mortal danger and a piece of art school student exemptions based structure in making him from pretty. old bombs and. are to. be soon which brightened if you need soon from phones to freshen it's. nice clean stone tontine dot com. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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if you. still. want.
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a low in welcome to cross talk i'm peter lavelle syria a civil war within and the deadly reality of seeing this conflict spill over into the entire region because much of the blame for the current situation lay with foreign countries seeing an opportunity to live in enemy in damascus if so what are the unintended consequences. if you. still. talk to syria turkey tinderbox i'm joined by mark and in london he is a modern history lecturer at the university of oxford also in london we have a would i he is an expert on turkey and an associate fellow at chapman house and in tampa we cross to my geographic day he is an iranian syrian expert and visiting scholar at the university of california santa barbara ok mark if i go to you first in london we're told from turkey the worst case.


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